August Write-in A Great Success

Last Saturday eight dedicated wordsmiths met at St. Andrews Methodist Church to practice their craft. A lot of work was accomplished. I thought I was doing great banging out four pages for my latest novel, but Debi Cole took first place with an amazing 27 pages in four hours.

San Antonio Writer's Guild will hold their next Write-in on Saturday November 11, 2017 from 8-12. These events are perfect times to get work done (serious, uninterrupted work) and fellowship with your fellow writers. Write-ins are a fundraiser, helping us to keep the high quality speakers we have at our monthly meetings, to pay the rent and provide coffee and snacks. Come out and join us in November and support you local Guild!

A Vivid Description

I recently read a landscape description that I found particularly vivid. I can learn from it and thought perhaps others could, too:

“This great tract . . . stretches with apparent indefiniteness over the face of the continent. Level plains of smooth sand—a little rosier than buff, a little paler than salmon—are interrupted only by occasional peaks of rock—black, stark, and shapeless. Rainless storms dance tirelessly over the hot, crisp surface of the ground. The fine sand, driven by the wind, gathers into deep drifts, and silts among the dark rocks of the hills, exactly as snow hangs about an Alpine summit; only it is a fiery snow, such as might fall in hell. The earth burns with the quenchless thirst of ages, and in the steel-blue sky scarcely a cloud obstructs the unrelenting triumph of the sun.”

This is Winston Churchill’s description of northern Sudan. After reading it, I am not personally itching to go to Sudan even apart from its political instability.

I have tried to reproduce the punctuation from the original, though allow for the possibility of my error.

San Antonio Writer’s Guild Monthly Meeting was a wild success!

Last night at St. Andrews Methodist Church more than thirty members of San Antonio’s literati gathered to elect a slate of board members. Another battle-free succession of power has transpired. Your new board consists of:
  • Colt Allen, treasurer
  • Gail Jennings, secretary
  • Dawn Brooks, vice-president
  • Frank Hicks, president
Also, serving as your workshop (critique) directors, Matt Ahanni, Saturday critique and Ken Bennight, Wednesday critique.
Then the real fun started as Tex Thomson ( schooled us on “Seven Deadly First Page Sins.” So much good information, and the presentation was great fun! We’re working on having Tex back for a weekend seminar later this year.
Join us for critique groups Saturday at Savor Fare and Wednesday at Barnes and Noble. Watch your email and Facebook for more details. Also, a Write-in is scheduled for May 20th at Rosella Coffee Shop. See the Write-in section for more details. Happy writing!