SAWG hosts critique sessions Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Members sign up in advance to have their work read. All other attendees may comment on and discuss plot, pacing, dialogue, and general writing craft. Non-members are welcome to critique; only members may schedule items for critique via earlier direct contact with the critique leader. All genres are welcome. See the Meetup schedules for up-to-date critique times and locations.

Critique Guidelines

  • Each writer to be critiqued should check with the critique leader in advance as to how many copies the group is likely to need, and must provide that number of copies. Maximum length is 10 pages, double-spaced, in Courier 10 point or Times New Roman 12 point font.
  • Before each piece is read, the author offers a brief introduction, including the genre and where in the work this piece occurs.
  • Reading the piece aloud helps the writer identify places that need attention.
  • The group will edits on their copies as necessary.
  • The person to the left of the reader begins with their comments on the piece (not the writer). The comments continue around the table in a clockwise rotation.
  • A participant may comment on the piece, pass, or simply confirm agreement with something already mentioned.
  • Each participant’s critique is limited to two minutes.
  • Comments should be constructive. The aim is to improve the writer’s work and craft. It’s important to spend as much time on the positive.
  • The author shall not interrupt the critique, but may answer direct questions. At the end of the critique, the author may comment briefly.
  • There shall be no cross-talk among commentators.
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation should be indicated on the paper copies and need not be addressed in the critique.
  • Feedback is intended to assist the writer, but it is not required that the author uses any or all of the comments from the critique.