Critique Group

SAWG hosts critique sessions on Saturday afternoons, and can/will add other dates and times as demand grows. Always check the Facebook page and the Meetup schedules in advance. At present, critique sessions all take place on line. This will go to live meetings when conditions can assure participants’ health and safety.

Members sign up in advance with the critique leader to have their work read. All other attendees may comment on and discuss plot, pacing, dialogue, and general writing craft. Non-members are as welcome to critique as members are.

All genres are welcome.

Rules for Critiquers

1. Critique others as you would want to be critiqued, with respect, support, and encouragement. Always search for something positive to say. But if you leave submitters with the impression their writing is wonderful when it is not, you have deceived them, not been kind.

2. To allow time for all participants to be read and critiqued, please limit your comments to the time allowed by the leader.

3. If a submitter requests that critiques focus on certain areas, please honor the request.

4. Please do not interrupt or talk over other critiquers when it is their turn.

Rules for Submitters

1. No interrupting, explaining, or defending while critiquing is underway. Speak only when a critiquer asks a direct question.

2. At the end of the critique, you may ask questions, and you may explain something you think was misunderstood. But please bear in mind that ordinary readers are likely to misunderstand what a critiquer misunderstands. Also please bear in mind that critiques are not debates.

3. Please accept comments and criticism with good grace, even if you disagree. You control whether to change your manuscript.

Submitters may find it helpful to take notes of what critiquers say.

Critiques are always about the writing, never about the writer. If your doctor tells you your leg is broken, the doctor is not criticizing you. Don’t take critiques personally.

Below is a copy of these rules; feel free to download or print, and review.