Monthly Meeting

July 11 Monthly Meeting — Short Stories and Microfiction 

Presented by Ian Grogan and Aimee Keith

What is a short story? What is microfiction? What do they look like? How do I write a full story in as little as 100 words?

In this presentation, we will define how the short story is similar and different to writing a novel including structure, theme, emotional impact and “shattering moments.”

We’ll discuss how short stories and microfiction can help you grow and develop better skills as a writer. We’ll put this knowledge to practice in the meeting with group exercises. We will also discuss what you can do with these stories when they’re complete. 

Come early to enjoy food & drink with fellow writers prior to the meeting – and to support Sea Island for their continued hosting of our monthly gathering:

7-8:30 PM, Thursday, July 11, 2024

Sea Island Shrimp House

10303 IH-10 West,

San Antonio, TX  78230