Natural Singlish is a lightweight application built specifically for helping you perform translation operations from English to Sinhala.
It sports a clean and simple interface that gives users the possibility to type the text directly into the primary panel.
Basically, it proves to be extremely easy to work with this tool, as you only need to type the text, and the application automatically generates the translated version.
What’s more, the application enables users to paste the text from other third-party programs, as well as perform basic editing operations, namely cut, copy or delete the selected information. Plus, you can import data from a plain text file.
Natural Singlish allows users to print or save the generated information to HTML, RTF, or plain text file. It is important to mention that hotkeys are also available for a better control over the entire process, but they cannot be reassigned.
Furthermore, you can customize the text for both languages, in terms of font style, size, and colour.
Since there aren’t many configuration settings, even less experienced users can master the entire process with just a few clicks.
During our testing we have noticed that the utility carries out a task quickly, and no errors showed up throughout the entire process. It remains light on the system resources, so it doesn’t hamper computer performance, nor interfere with other programs’ functionality.
To sum things up, Natural Singlish offers a simple software solution when it comes to performing translation operations from English to Sinhala. It can be easily installed and configured by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.Argentine Athletics Championships

The Argentine Athletics Championships, officially Asociación Argentina de Atletismo () and commonly known as Torneo Argentino de Atletismo, is the national outdoor track and field competition for the sport of athletics in Argentina. It was first organised in 1902 and is held annually. It is held in June at the Estadio Ángel Sandoval, at the same time as the South American Games and the South American Cross Country Championships.

The inaugural South American Championships was held in Lima, Peru, in September 1902, making it the third oldest athletics championships in South America. Argentina’s first appearance at the continental championships was in 1900, and since then they have not missed a single edition of the tournament. In the post-war era it has been held every four years, although the host country has been absent between 1961 and 2002. Argentina eea19f52d2

MyAdSystem is a “Web site Banner Management System” focused in the management of web sites banner and ads.
It’s designed to be used for the management of different campaigns in your web sites with unlimited amount of banners.
It can be managed from a single Web Site or you can manage banner campaigns from multiple Web sites.
Each of this campaigns will be separated in zones and the creation of the campaigns are easy and they can be repeated to any time you wish.
Each campaigns will be defined by the possible type of banner, date of the starting and the ending of the campaigns and the frequency of the visit.
Moreover, you can define by which zone of the Web Site or Web Site can be seen or click, the origin of the visits and the daily and total views.
You can define the number of banners in each campaign and the number of maximum banners per campaign.
You can view the details of the banner campaigns, domains stats, zone stats, clicks stats, viewed domains.
When you register, you will be able to define your activation codes and you will be able to view the list of all the current banners activated.
With MyAdSystem you can view the banners in your panels, manage the stats of the banners, define the bids and finally buy the spaces of your own time.
■ Only supports short and long banners
■ Small quantity of only 100 active banners
■ This system does not allow you to add more than 100 banners
MyAdSystem Screenshots:

Advanced Web Site Management

Advanced Web Site Management Description:
Advanced Web Site Management is a Web Site Management Software that supports the management of Web Sites, Web Pages, domains and sub domains.
It’s based on Zones concept that supports banners ads and web sites ads management.
It’s an own Web Site Design tool that supports page design, domain/sub domain management, the creation and management of Web sites and web pages, server administration, CMS/InfoGist and FileZilla clients integration.
It includes a powerful Web Site Monitoring Software that supports domain and sub domain watching, domain visitors, page visitors, the creation and management of sub domain, domains, the creation of Web Pages, the creation of templates, the management of Web site user privileges and access control.
It includes the users creation and management, the creation and management of logins, domains/sub domains, databases, cron jobs, ticket requests.
It includes a mail