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KeyMacro is a small, easy to use and powerful free tool to change the keyboard layout of your computer from English to your language or any other one.

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The #1 free MIDI keyboard controller. MIDI controllers are usually limited to note-based music, requiring the performer to come up with their own chord chart. This app lets you create your own chord charts to play just the right note at just the right time. MIDI controllers are a great tool, but they have limited applications. If you want to control other music-making software, that’s where KEYMACRO comes in.
KeyMACRO is a MIDI keyboard controller that lets you control other programs with ease. Using your computer’s MIDI interface, you can change the pitch, percussion, and chords of an audio program with the touch of a button. Use any musical instrument (or any other MIDI controller) to play the right notes on the right channels at the right time.
You can play traditional piano music or choose from thousands of virtual instruments. Or you can create your own MIDI controller and play with your MIDI devices directly.
Other features include:
■ Chord sheets allow for easy chord insertion and editing. Each virtual instrument can have its own chord chart that is automatically synchronized to the virtual instrument. So you can, for example, play the classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde theme using the `ST` key on your MIDI keyboard.
■ Improved chord detection. The app is more accurate when detecting chords in non-piano music.
■ A variety of effects can be added to MIDI notes.
■ Comprehensive sound editing. Each instrument can have its own unique sound.
■ A fully integrated virtual instrument. You can play your favorite virtual instrument right off your keyboard.
■ 17 days trial period
SMACK 2D Description:
Fast and easy to use, SMACK 2D is the essential tool to create and edit your graphic content. Developed by BLOCK! Interactive, this app is perfect for producing photo slideshows and videos. It includes a rich set of features like the ability to merge multiple images and videos, to crop, resize and rotate, to add text and effects, and to speed up or slow down your slideshow and video. It comes with a collection of free animations, plus you can browse an extensive library of ready-to-use pictures and videos.
SMACK 2D features:
– An essential tool to create and edit your graphic content: Create your own photo slideshows and videos.
– In-depth features: Merge multiple images, resizing, rotating, adding text, effects, text