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KEYMACRO Output the data to file specified by -outfile.
To run the program, you have to use the following command:

# java -jar transformenator.jar -outfile test.dat

In order to know how to do certain transforms in this application, you can check the following sample commands:

# java -jar transformenator.jar -t data.xform -outfile test.dat
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t ews.xform -outfile test.dat
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t json.xform -outfile test.dat
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t link.xform -outfile test.dat
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t mime.xform -outfile test.dat
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t xml.xform -outfile test.dat
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t zip.xform -outfile test.dat
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t xsl.xform -outfile test.dat
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t xsl.xform -outfile test.dat -t xsl2.xform -outfile test.new.xls
# java -jar transformenator.jar -t xsl2.xform -outfile test.new.xls

# java -jar transformenator.jar -t xsl2.xform -outfile test.new.xls


Java or Perl?
I am assuming you want a more flexible tool than Java. In that case the perl tool unix2dos is the one that I would try.
I personally prefer Java.


You could use the iconv utility, available on most linux/unix-like distributions:
iconv -f WINDOWS-1252 -t UTF-8 -o outfile.bin

Take a look at this answer: How to change the encoding of a file from WINDOWS-1252 to UTF-8

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KEYMACRO is a software for windows that lets you record the hotkeys that you use frequently in your daily life. With the help of this software you can easily record all the commands that you use on daily basis with one mouse click and easily copy it as a shortcut.
Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1 or later
Keyboard and mouse
Keyboard setting:
Alt+Printscreen is for pause
Ctrl+Printscreen is for stop
Ctrl+F is for scroll
Tab is for select
Ctrl+Del is for reset
Ctrl+Home is for enter the desktop
Ctrl+End is for exit from desktop
Alt+Right is for right
Alt+Left is for left
Alt+Up is for go up
Alt+Down is for go down
Alt+I is for close the window
Alt+O is for open the finder
Ctrl+Shift+Del is for delete
Ctrl+Ctrl+Del is for remove
Ctrl+Ctrl+Up is for switch to desk1
Ctrl+Ctrl+Down is for switch to desk2
Ctrl+Ctrl+Right is for switch to desk3
Ctrl+Ctrl+Left is for switch to desk4
Ctrl+Ctrl+I is for switch to desk5
Ctrl+Shift+Delete is for open the recycle bin
Edit your keyboard settings here.
Video Instruction:

How to Record and Open Keyboard Shortcut:
1. Enter the Desktop folder and open the folder which contains the KEYMACRO folder.
2. Then you need to record the hotkeys by pressing the “Record keyboard” button.
3. While recording the keyboard is running you can see the hotkeys that are recorded in the lower portion.
4. The recorded keyboard shortcuts are stored in the file called “KEYMACRO.txt” file.
5. Press “Open file” button to open the “KEYMACRO.txt” file.
6. Then you can see your recorded keyboard shortcuts there.
7. If you want to copy the shortcut you can see the hotkeys that recorded in the lower portion.
Use the keyboard shortcuts by pressing the “Copy keyboard shortcut” button.
8. Then you can paste it in the Keyboard section of Windows 10.
Windows 7 and Windows 8 Users:
1. Right-click on the keyboard shortcut to open the “Pin