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There’s a local blue-collar worker, Kusari, who works at the factory his whole life. That’s why he’s become a great little master at managing his workforce. His employees however have a bad habit of not always showing up on time, much to his anger and frustration. But when Kusari sees a guy coming down on the street with his broken down bike he decides to give him a hand. At first Kusari tries to pick up the bike but the guy tells him to just leave it there.
“What do you think? Somebody gonna steal it?”
Shocked by his comment Kusari stands there with his jaw dropped open and his mouth full of so much gibberish.
“H-h-how could you ask that?” Kusari finally manages to say, “I’m just doing good deed and you don’t even appreciate it?”
But the guy doesn’t seem to notice, “I have people coming at me on a regular basis, so I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody did steal it.”
What happened to Kusari? One thing is for sure – he’s become a Guardian of the Kingdom.


Version 1.0 – Playtest Release

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I have been working as a 2D and 3D game designer for more than 15 years. My projects include RPGs, strategy games and even online games.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden and work from home.

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I have worked on lots of projects. This is what I can show you now, so far:

I’m a User Experience Designer at Icemole Games and I work with users. I’ve worked on both desktop and mobile products. Previously, I’ve worked as a 3D Designer for 15 years.

A few tips when designing games

You’ve probably heard about this phrase already: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Well, it’s not true for all pictures, but it’s true for some.

If you make something take the form of a picture, most of the time it will be a good idea to make some sort of a trial at the first idea. Even if you don’t like it, you can easily fix it. You won’t lose too much time because the game should be fun at


MilitAnt Features Key:

  • Yet another remake of the early Amiga classic!
  • New physics engine!
  • Gamma-corrected graphics!
  • High quality sound!
  • Autosave feature!
  • Remade levels!
  • Online and offline mode!
  • Correct AI!
  • 60 known hidden bonus objects!
  • Easy to play!
  • Hight quality music!
  • Crazy Lemmings Game screenshots:

    <img src="


    MilitAnt Keygen Full Version [Updated-2022]

    – Fast paced action rogue-lite
    – Character management (up to 8 players)
    – Pick up system
    – Enemies can be detected and dodged
    – Powerups and Curses
    – Level based weapon skills
    – Deep character upgrade system
    – Lots of relics to find and collect
    – Choose from 5 weapons types to master each weapons type effectively
    – Fast gameplay
    – Meets replayability
    – Supports multiple controllers

    Live Your Own Adventure In The Universe of Alast

    Alast is an indie game inspired by the universe of Skyrim.
    Join the dragon elders on a journey through a world filled with hidden treasures and secrets.
    Alast is a game about dragons, exploration and adventure.
    From solo gameplay to up to four-player co-op, Alast is a game to enjoy with friends in a playful atmosphere.
    Explore the world of Alast to help the dragon elders find their missing relic and use it to unlock new skills.
    – Easily customizable game world
    – Fly in the sky, float on the ground and jump across great distances
    – Over 30 hours of gameplay
    – Simple storyline and characters
    – Singleplayer or co-op up to four players
    – Very powerful character development system with over 30 skills to unlock
    – Stunning pixel-art graphics
    – Multiple game modes including story mode, survival mode and all kinds of adventures

    Cod:League of Evil

    Cod:League of Evil is an isometric, asymmetric, turn-based survival strategy game in the vein of NetHack, Dungeon Master, and Descent. Cod:League of Evil is a game of exploration, combat, and discovery. On a mission to take a relic back to the resistance base, you’ll need to command your mooks, one of many mutating races in the game, to deal out destruction on the enemy’s greatest secrets. If you survive long enough to collect the relic, you can destroy the greatest evil the galaxy has ever known.

    A Plague of Lobs

    A Plague of Lobs is an isometric, asymmetric, turn-based combat game in the vein of NetHack. A Plague of Lobs is primarily a game of exploration, combat, and discovery. Collect loot, gain status, and evade death…or die trying.


    Achaia is a turn based isometric RPG game in the vein of the classic System Shock.
    In a near-future dystopian setting, humans have


    MilitAnt Activation Free

    It’s challenging, but only in the right ways.

    Bloxiq does a brilliant job of breathing life into the 3D puzzle genre.

    Gameplay Crumble: If you’re looking for a great concept that has great gameplay (and an unbelievable plot twist) then you will probably enjoy this game.

    Graphics: 8.5/10The music and sound are the first things I notice, as the game has a very unique and relaxing yet challenging sound track. The background music is great. It is one of the first things that will make you want to play the game again.

    Story: 7/10The story of this game was pretty great. The plot twist at the end of the game was pretty awesome. Some people have complained that they felt like they were supposed to know the twist. I honestly couldn’t have told you about the twist in the ending until I heard it. I was also shocked at the twist. It didn’t really make sense, but I can see how the game was trying to pull it off. If you didn’t play the game in English you may not understand the twists.

    Gameplay: 9/10I think that Bloxiq really brings something new to the table. The theme of the game is amazing. The game has one of the coolest themes in video games, I think. If you were to look up themes, there are really only a couple of themes that stand out, and this is one of them. The puzzles in this game are extremely creative. The game has a fairly challenging puzzle at the end of the game. Bloxiq does a great job of making each puzzle different and there was plenty of variety.

    Overall: 9.5/10

    Conclusion: Bloxiq is an excellent game and it is only $10. If you enjoy this game, I recommend it.

    Only on Wii as well? That’s really…
    I can’t help but love the look of the map, and that’s why I got the game on Wii. It’s a really nice game, but I know that the game has issues. I tried to download the PC version, but it was in Russian, so I don’t know what language that is. Also, I don’t know if the US version is on Xbox Live Marketplace, but if so, the Wii version doesn’t have any DLC.
    Also, the colors are a bit off, I think.

    Hehehe, no DLC for the US version? That


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