Monthly Meeting

SAWG will hold its next monthly meeting on September 7 at its favorite venue: the Sea Island Shrimp House at 10303 IH10 West, 78230

Come early enough to order dinner or some excellent snacks, and talk with your fellow writers in preparation for the 7 PM meeting, whose first subject subject this month is …

Me and My Library Card – An Intimate Confession

September is National Library Card Sign-up Month, when the country celebrates its so-easy-to-be-taken-for-granted access to so much free knowledge, and when we should each celebrate our own unique library experiences.

This will not be a single talk by a single expert, but a set of short, light, unique intros one by one, by all of us. Come ready to tell us, what in your life was your most memorable library visit, or your most life-changing or writing-changing library discovery. Were you thirty? Were you three? What seemingly unpretentious book was waiting patiently on the shelf to blow you away with a lesson you couldn’t have even imagined until you flipped that page, or asked a librarian a simple question about it? Was it a single paragraph? Was it the entire volume? Was it ‘just’ the ability to access so much all at once?

How has that continued to affect your writing now?

Second, and also in honor of Library Card Month, let’s briefly talk about the possibilities of working with San Antonio libraries to promote community involvement, literacy, and creative interaction, or if that might be possible for us at all.

Come and add your own unique ideas to the month’s ambitions, and be charged and thrilled anew by the seemingly modest miracle of libraries and, with their help, our own writing uniquities that we can share in the longest-running writers’ group in San Antonio.