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Nowadays, if you want to check the integrity of a file or you want to encrypt text, you can effortlessly resort to one of the dozens of good online tools capable of getting the job done. However, if you want something arguably more secure, then you might want to go for something local, a software that runs exclusively on your computer.
Meet HashTag – your everyday text hasher
HashTag is a modern-looking yet remarkably simplistic Electron application that allows you to encrypt and decrypt text. Not only that, but the tool also allows you to verify if a hash is identical to a plain text message.
It can also keep a precise history of previous hashes, so you can save a bit of time during the whole development process. As far as to the number of supported algorithms, the application only has three of them: MD5, SHA-256, and Bcrypt.
Of course, this should prove to be sufficient for most users, as two of these algorithms are the ones still used by the large majority of users out there. However, if you're looking for anything more, we're afraid HashTag is just too simple for your needs.
Simplistic features set, even simpler GUI
Considering the app's simple feature set, there's no surprise that the GUI is quite basic. There are three main sections namely Hash, Verify, and Crypt.
The first section is where you can encrypt text using the aforementioned three algorithms, the second one allows you to verify is a hash is identical to a plain text message, and the last one is where you can find your hashing history.
Taking everything into account, HashTag is a modern, well-designed little application that allows you to effortlessly hash text. It's easy to operate, very straightforward to use, and it looks rather nice.

Download 🌟 https://urluso.com/2m6w61

Download 🌟 https://urluso.com/2m6w61

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* Keep a text on clipboard in a safe way, and if the text is changed, HashTag Cracked 2022 Latest Version will hash the previous text and verify if the new hash is identical to the old one.
* Supports MD5, SHA-256, and Bcrypt algorithms
* Supports # and. on the text
* Can save previous hashes for later use
* Plain text support
* Support hot-key for Crypt
* Encrypt/Decrypt single line or multiple lines
* Encrypt/Decrypt /Encrypt with background
* Encrypt text using % sign, %&#, and hex/url
* Keep a history of hashes
* Open Source (MIT License)
* Made in Electron
* Very Small (7.0Mb)
* No online web service needed
Key Features:
* Keep text on clipboard in a safe way
* Hashes a text and verifies if the new hash is identical to the old one
* Supports MD5, SHA-256, and Bcrypt algorithms
* Supports # and. on the text
* Can save previous hashes for later use
* Plain text support
* Encrypt/Decrypt single line or multiple lines
* Encrypt/Decrypt /Encrypt with background
* Encrypt text using % sign, %&#, and hex/url
* Keep a history of hashes
* Open Source (MIT License)
* Made in Electron
* Very Small (7.0Mb)
* No online web service needed

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If you have ever wondered why a simple encryption/decryption tool for text will have a GUI with so many options, take a look at KEYMACRO: a simple application that allows you to make the most out of the macOS Keychain.
In the past, it was very difficult to use an encryption algorithm for text that would provide the same level of security as a professional-level algorithm. Not anymore! With this Mac OS X utility, it is possible to make the most out of the Keychain: a simple yet powerful way to store passwords securely on your Mac.
To start using KeyMacro, first open your Keychain app. You should see a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above. To use this application, you must first remember your passwords. If you don’t have any, you can simply add them manually. For example, to add the password for the website “Apple.com”, all you have to do is click on the button below the word “None” and simply write “apple.com”. To access the website, simply type in the website’s name in the URL field of your browser, and you will be able to log in without any problems.
On the screenshot above, you can see the password has been successfully stored in your Keychain, and you can use the keychain anytime you want to create or edit a password. It works in the same way as the Password Generator on Windows, so this application will be a simple and effective way to quickly add passwords to your system.
What is the Keychain?
To understand why KeyMacro is so useful, you must first understand how the Keychain works. If you do not know what the Keychain is, it’s quite simple: it’s an encrypted folder in your Mac’s Applications folder, which is used to store passwords and other sensitive information. This encrypted folder is available to all applications in the Mac OS, and it allows applications to securely store sensitive data on your Mac, even if you’re not using them.
Why KeyMacro?
When you open KeyMacro, it automatically creates a new Keychain entry for each application that uses it. When you create or edit a password using this application, the information that has been stored will be encrypted in the Keychain, and it will automatically be decrypted when you try to use it. This will allow you to instantly remember your passwords and make sure they will remain safe.
If you are a Mac user, you should never store

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HashTag is a modern text hasher for both privacy and cryptography. Besides hashing text, it can also verify if a string is a prefix or a suffix of another string.

– hash
– text hasher
– text
– verification
– check
– encrypt
– decrypt
– cipher
– prefix
– suffix

SINGAPORE – National Development Minister Lawrence Wong on Monday (March 6) said that a planned water desalination plant will be built in the Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) region in northeast Singapore as the government looks to boost the country’s water supply.

Mr Wong’s comments were in response to a question posed by Workers’ Party leader and Member of Parliament Sylvia Lim in Parliament’s current Budget Debate.

Ms Lim wanted to know if the water desalination plant will go ahead at the Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP) near her constituency, as announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his National Day Rally speech last year.

Mr Wong answered that he does not know the technical details of the SAP project, but that the plan for such a plant has been mooted for quite a while and the discussions are on-going.

“What I can tell you is that there is a plan for Seletar Aerospace Park. We have looked at Seletar Aerospace Park. We have looked at the technical feasibility of such a project. We have a more formal plan, that is to say, we are looking for partners to take up that work,” he said.

“But let me also say that some time ago, the Government had looked at what we could do with such a plant to remove seawater and replenish it.”

Mr Wong added that this is one of many steps being taken to ensure Singapore’s water supply.

He also added that the current success of using desalinated water in schools and the upcoming phase-out of overhead tanks is an example of this.

“So that’s all I can tell you,” he said.

SAP is home to major defence establishments and space research institutes, including the Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) and the Defence Innovation and Builders Agency.

The site covers an area

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