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m= – means multiplication
+ means addition
u = means waveshaping

m=* – means multiplication, the results of last step must be added with the next step’s results
+ – means addition, the result of last step must be added with the next step’s result

u= + – means waveshaping, the result of last step is added with the next step’s results
+ – means waveshaping, the result of last step is added with the next step’s result

DMACROS Description:

DST – Descriptive Syntax. Time Signature is 3rd or 0. Type of Sound is 16. Frequency Range is +/-1 to +/- 0.01 Hz. S/N is 0.01db. Output may be one sample, or multiple samples for repeat. The frequency of 0.01 Hz is in output of SampleSize. This is described in the Step Rate of the DFT application.


Sampling is never in the same way. Which one is the input signal, and the rest are samples. You can’t tell with your eyes, you can only tell with an application.

You can use a square wave as the input, it will not matter because it is always square in the beginning. We can calculate the average value of a square wave and it’s the average value that will be a sine wave, the other frequencies will be discarded. You can then sample that and transform it.

This is a square wave. It is 1 sample at the time. That’s why you see no waveforms. Each and every point on the graph represents a sample. 0 is in the beginning and 1 is in the end.

This is a square wave. It is a 24 samples at the time. This is all the samples of a square wave.

This is a square wave. It is a 1 second long at the time. This is the same square wave we previously showed.

You can tell these square waves are different, because they are not the same and has different frequencies. If we put these three in an application and sample them, we will see the sine wave.

You can see the average value of the sine waves because we didn’t divide by the number of samples. It is square wave because it is repeating. Samples are not the same.

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ProcrastriTracker is a small productivity tool designed to help you figure out how you are spending your time at the computer. Not only can track the programs and files you are opening, but it also displays them neatly in a graphic so that you can identify potentially distracting activities and spend your time more efficiently.
It can record both work and leisure activities
After a quick installation, you can access the app from the System Tray as it is designed to record your actions without being distracting. While it does not come with an interface per se, the GUI allows you to preview statistics about how you are using your time in front of the computer.
According to the developer, the tool is set to check what is open every five seconds and store the title, document name or website into its database. In case it does not detect any activity for more than three minutes, it stops checking and recording. As far as the database is concerned, this is saved automatically every 10 minutes. It goes without saying that you can change all these default time configurations from the Settings window.
Could come in handy for tracking individual projects
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What can I do with ProcessViewer?

With ProcessViewer, you can easily view any software program that is currently running on your computer. It also has the ability to start or stop any application, regardless of the type of file it is. This means that no matter how complex your application may be, ProcessViewer will still be able to track and display it.
ProcessViewer’s interface allows you to preview the currently active software that is being used by the user. It can also show the names of all the applications currently running on the system.

What can I do with Caliber Software?

Caliber Software is a powerful application that allows