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The dairy industry is experimenting with new feed management strategies. One option is to increase feed rations by adding the standardized lean beef dry (SLBD) value of whey permeate, a liquid byproduct of cheese production. The SLBD value of whey permeate accounts for 80% of the lactose and 200 mg of dietary protein per gram of product. Thus, an SLBD-rich product will contain less energy and more nutrients than the norm. However, some downstream processing of whey permeate reduces its SLBD value. If the SLBD value of whey permeate is lower than 75%, then the feed rations must be reduced to maintain the same nutritional profile. Much is unknown, including whether such an SLBD value threshold is of benefit to cattle and dairy profits. Better understanding of the lactose metabolism of the rumen microbiome is needed because the rumen is the primary site of dairy waste removal. Also, because most of the microbial fermentation of lactose occurs in the rumen, it would be advantageous to improve the rumen’s capacity to utilize lactose. This report will review some of the research needed to better understand the potential benefit and risks of SLBD value-based feed management strategies.Save Article

Finland, Norway
Lodge Anti-EU Demonstrators

The Finns and Norwegians join in protest march

TALLINN, Estonia — Anti-EU demonstrators paraded through the streets of Helsinki and Oslo on Sunday, with more than 1,000 people marching in protest after Dutch and French referendums.

Others gathered at rallies across Scandinavia to voice concerns about lowering the level of EU taxation and introducing a single currency.

“We are gathered here to express our concerns about higher taxes, about more…

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