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With Church Secretary you can manage a church by easily updating and recording information about members, attendance or contributions.
Appealing interface
You can easily understand how the program works, the appearance being quite intuitive and uncluttered, allowing you this way to navigate through the program's functions with ease.
You can customize the way the program looks by choosing one of the 30 available skins. Also, you can move or hide panels that you don't find necessary. Once hidden, they can be easily brought back from from the View menu.
In order to maintain your attention on the workspace, the program allows multiple tabs to be open. This way, you can concentrate to a window of the program.
Easily record information and schedule events
Church Secretary allows you to schedule services, input and record the attendance rate or add names to a local database of church members.
When you add members, you can complete a detailed file about them, by specifying their name, birthday, address, phone, marital status and even add a photos.
Church library database
Church Secretary also has Library function, allowing you to input the names of the books in the church's inventory into the program.
Once that is done, you can keep track of the books, to whom it was loaned and when it is due. This makes managing books an easy task.
Export data and create reports
With Church Secretary, you can quickly import or export your entire or a part of a church database. The database can be saved as various formats, such as CSV, HTML, PDF, RTF, image or text format.
Also, you can generate reports based on various criteria, like attendance, absence, talent list, contributions, library items loaned and so much more.
The attendance and contributions can also be displayed either as bar graphs or as pie charts, allowing you to get a detailed and comprehensive overview.
To summarize, Church Secretary is a useful application for easily managing a church, keeping track of the donations and the attendance rate. At the same time, the program gathers information for a complete database of the members of the community.







Church Secretary 13.5.0

Church secretary is a small software which helps you to manage your church and handle various things more easily. You can keep track of the records in the church such as the names of the members, date of birth, date of joining and many more.
You can also work on the local database of the members or add or remove the names of any member from the database.
Moreover, the program can generate reports like average attendance rate, total attendance, total contributions or report on membership.
It has two major functions “New Member” and “Member”. You can easily add a member in the program.
It has some other features like export and import the data, reports etc. This makes it beneficial as it helps to gather more data and information about the church.
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Specialisation of This software

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Church Secretary is suitable for any Church or Religious Community. It consists of easy to use interface which makes the program more easily functional for user. It has some useful feature to manage a church or any religious organization.

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Church Secretary 13.5.0 Crack +

Manage a church
Get to know a congregation
Plan and record church activities
Book Services
Record Attendance, Signup or Turnout
Keep notes and records
Calculate Expenses
Make Charts and Graphs
Manage and use Local Library Database
Manage and create Reports
Export and Import Church Records
Display Attendance and Money taken in or out
Display Attendance Rates or Signups as Percentages
Import and Export Church Records
Local Database
Membership Database
Church Attendance
Church Attendance Graph
Contributions Graph
Church Attendance Bar Graph
Church Attendance Pie Chart
Accessible Archives
Print Charts and Reports
Activity Record
List of Services
List of Members
List of Served Items
List of Bought Items
List of Pastor’s Inputs
List of Assets
List of Books
List of Books on Loan
List of Items
List of Attendees
List of Events
List of Maintenance Records
List of Notes
List of Contribs
List of Persons Locals
List of Persons Outside Locals
List of Contribs Outside Locals
List of Persons Locals Whose Period of Service is Coming to An End
List of Persons Locals Whose Period of Service is Coming to An End
List of Persons Locals Whose Period of Service is Coming to An End
Church Secretary

Important: The software authors of Church Secretary want to inform you that the program is freeware and the authors of Church Secretary do not get paid for creating this church management application. Because of this we can not do any support on this product. Support requests via the product’s forum are not possible.

Virtually every church has some data that needs to be tracked, have records kept of, and reports made of on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Churches are notoriously hard to track efficiently, however, due to the number of unique and varying records that need to be kept in such a short amount of time. There are many church management systems out there, but none of them that I am aware of are easily adaptable to any church, are simple to use, or are a good balance between this and the other two attributes. This makes Church Secretary a potential solution for churches with need for short term or long term data tracking, data recording and data managing.

Church Secretary is a program that I have written in native Visual Basic for Windows CE for the purpose of tracking information for the church that I am a part

Church Secretary 13.5.0 Crack+ Incl Product Key

What is Church Secretary?

Church secretary offers you a unique way to manage your church with ease, by easily inputting and keeping track of the attendance of your members.

Furthermore, you can easily manage your members, their donations, attendance and/or attendance rate.

Also, you can easily generate bar, pie and attendance charts for a detailed overview of your attendance.

Finally, you can easily export the data gathered in your church into various formats, like HTML, PDF, CSV and other.

What makes it unique?

Easy to use.

Many popular and neat skins are included by default.

Create and import your own project.

What is it missing?

No features, capabilities or application specific ones at all.

What’s New – May 13, 2013
Version 1.4

* Recordize your member´s birthdays

* Import and export of text files

* Add or update services schedule

* Add or update services schedule

* Import or export of your member´s birthdays

* Export all the members and the associated birthdays

* Import and export your member´s birthdays

* New skin “deserts”

* New skin “deserts”

* New skin “night”

* Changed bar graph color according to attendance rate

* Added ability to open more tabs

* Added ability to open more tabs

* Export all services information in an HTML file

* Added option to back up all the changes to the database and uninstall them from the Program

What’s New in the Church Secretary?

Easily manage the schedules of your church.
Keep track of members attendance and their donations to the church.
You can even import or export your database for exporting or backup purposes.
Import and export reports.
Create a local database of your members and their information.
The program has a very clean and intuitive interface.
The program’s database can be exported to many popular databases, such as Access, FileMaker, and MS Access.
Church Secretary has a very clean and uncluttered interface.
30 skins to customize the look of the program.
Easily create, manipulate, and perform operation on dates.
Import and export data.
Easily create, manipulate, and perform operation on calendars.
Easily track and schedule events.
Convert 1-time to recurring dates.
Import and export reports.
Gestures to easily move and perform functions.
Work with data from other program like Google Calendar.
Built-in thesaurus and synonyms.
Synchronize events from and to web-based calendars like Google Calendar.
Advanced search.
Easily create and edit appointments.
Support multi-line text, dates, to-do lists, and Google Tasks.
Easily create and edit to-do lists.
Generate a task tree.


I’d also like to add the calendar functions that the app provides.
As my church’s sys-admin pointed out, the it is listed as a “Calendar” app but in many ways it has the same functions as a “Todo List” app.
It’s described as being for churches, but it contains no language indicating that.
The following features are often lacking in calendar apps.

Calendar widget with fine grained user control
Multiple, concurrent calendars
Multiple, concurrent users editing multiple calendars at once
Multiple, concurrent users editing one calendar at a time
Rich text editing features (including “quick quotes”)
Multiple views per day, per month
Integration with several third-party calendar apps (e.g. Google Calendar)
Past events can be exported to CSV files

The following features are often lacking in todo-list apps.

A better interface for browsing and managing tasks
Importing/Exporting data from/to other todo list apps like Clear and TaskPaper
Supports hierarchical categorization
Synchronization between devices

Add New Item:

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64bit
OS: 64bit
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 @ 3.4GHz
Memory: 4 GB
Hard Disk Space: 6 GB
Graphics: Intel GMA X4500
DirectX: Version 9.0
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Headset: None
Keyboard: Microsoft Keyboard Explorer-Style