Annual Contest

27 Years of Great Feedback

The 27th Annual Writing Contest is open for your stories. Enter now!

Winners of the 26th Annual Writing Contest

1st Place – Mangum Boasted 7 Phones in 1901 by Ryan Clark
2nd Place – The Aspen by Ann Tweedy
3rd Place – Left Handed by Sophia Fangman
Honorable Mention – Side By Side In America The Playground Marjorie Brodie
Honorable Mention – A Treaty by Kim Hershey

Short Story
1st Place – The Great Republic by Joshua Barnett
2nd Place – Two Recipes by Joanne Easley
3rd Place – The Angel Attorney by Jason Baum
Honorable Mention – By Royal Decree by Marjorie Brody
Honorable Mention – All Those Monsters by Roxana Arama

1st Place – All Gone by Joshua Barnett
2nd Place – Becoming A Superhero by Franque Bains
3rd Place – The No Way Way by Marjorie Brody
Honorable Mention – A Good Woman by Wondra Chang
Honorable Mention – Con Man by Elizabeth Sundstrom

1st Place – A Philosophy Journal Takes Off by Frank White
2nd Place – Daddy Jim Teaches Me To Shoot by T J Barnum
3rd Place – Will’s Corner by Janet Alyn
Honorable Mention – The Hair Mare by Monica Berry
Honorable Mention – Mountains, Rainbows And An Occasional Moose by Clyta Coder

1st Place – Wrought Iron Heart by Caren Siegel
2nd Place – The Beast Of Rose Valley by Joshua Barnett
3rd Place – We live As We Dream Alone by John Graham
Honorable Mention – Seamstress For The Team by Martha Payne
Honorable Mention – VOICES IN C by Michael Rosen