Annual Contest Results

SAWG’s annual contests attract a delightful range of entries from all over the world. It offers modest prizes but personal critiques for all entries, and one-on-one correspondence for the finalists with our eminent judges.

And SAWG never claims rights to any entries, even the winners’.

Winners of the 27th Annual Writing Contest

Visit our winners’ own websites for more about them. Just click on their highlighted names.

Historical Fiction

First – The Lure of Barbarians by Nishith Singh

Second – Satyagraha by Melissa Desa

Third – House of Chandor by Melissa Desa

Honorable Mention – The Gilded Cage by David Kennedy

Honorable Mention – The Four Sons by David Galewsky

Honorable Mention – Its Passing by Whitney Crawford


 SciFi, Fantasy, YA, and Drabble

First – The Cloud by Robert Rivenbark

Second – Of Dying Planets and Discontent by Sheila Rosart

Third – Solitary Boy by Janet Alyn

Honorable Mention – Zeke and the Mystery of the Callagflorian Crystals by Kenneth Bennight

Honorable Mention – The Knobbed Elm by David Osgood



First – Unexpecting by Matt Passant

Second –The Death of Marat by Matt Passant

Third – A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing by Arieious Revonhart

Honorable Mention – Beirut by Joe Larabee

Honorable Mention – Van Gogh’s Whore by Joe Larabee



First – Drawn to Love by Amie Charney

Second –Carjacker Cop by J.D. Faver

Third – Red Truck by Roy Bartels

Honorable Mention – A Texas Hometown Christmas by J.D. Faver

Honorable Mention – The German POW by Patricia McAlexander


 General Fiction (Book)

First – The Magdalenes by Jeanne Skartsiaris

Second –CROSSROADS by Judith Reveal

Third – Wakedale: A Novel by Richard Jespers

Honorable Mention – Dependencies by Joanne Easley

Honorable Mention – The Legend of Colgan Toomey by Dargan Ware


 General Fiction (Short)

First – A Kippah for the Pin Monkey by Helene Dalton

Second –Must Speak Perfect English and Have Good Manners by Richard Jespers

Third – NOLA Noreen and Stucky by Amie Charney

Honorable Mention – The Fish Wouldn’t Die by Dan Timoskevich

Honorable Mention – NOLA Noreen and Alice by Amie Charney


Memoir and Nonfiction

First – ACIDENTE by Sarah Chaves

Second –Square Up by Lisa Dailey

Third – Two Sides by Margaret Johnson

Honorable Mention – Hot & Noisy: a memoir about crossing-cultures and starting over by Heather Diamond

Honorable Mention – I, Julia: A Past Life Odyssey by Sandra Kretzschmar


Winners of the 26th Annual Writing Contest

1st Place – Mangum Boasted 7 Phones in 1901 by Ryan Clark
2nd Place – The Aspen by Ann Tweedy
3rd Place – Left Handed by Sophia Fangman
Honorable Mention – Side By Side In America The Playground Marjorie Brodie
Honorable Mention – A Treaty by Kim Hershey

Short Story
1st Place – The Great Republic by Joshua Barnett
2nd Place – Two Recipes by Joanne Easley
3rd Place – The Angel Attorney by Jason Baum
Honorable Mention – By Royal Decree by Marjorie Brody
Honorable Mention – All Those Monsters by Roxana Arama

1st Place – All Gone by Joshua Barnett
2nd Place – Becoming A Superhero by Franque Bains
3rd Place – The No Way Way by Marjorie Brody
Honorable Mention – A Good Woman by Wondra Chang
Honorable Mention – Con Man by Elizabeth Sundstrom

1st Place – A Philosophy Journal Takes Off by Frank White
2nd Place – Daddy Jim Teaches Me To Shoot by T J Barnum
3rd Place – Will’s Corner by Janet Alyn
Honorable Mention – The Hair Mare by Monica Berry
Honorable Mention – Mountains, Rainbows And An Occasional Moose by Clyta Coder

1st Place – Wrought Iron Heart by Caren Siegel
2nd Place – The Beast Of Rose Valley by Joshua Barnett
3rd Place – We live As We Dream Alone by John Graham
Honorable Mention – Seamstress For The Team by Martha Payne
Honorable Mention – VOICES IN C by Michael Rosen