Punchy Prose

The Law Prose Blog offers writing advice to lawyers. Some of that advice applies to all writers. For example, a recent post discussed how to make your sentences focus more intently on your point or, as the post described it, ending sentences with punches. To get the desired punch, think about the most important point you are trying to convey and put that at the end of the sentence. Law Prose’s example was:

Ex. 1: Alaina Francis died in Pittsburgh two weeks ago.
Ex. 2: Alaina Francis died two weeks ago in Pittsburgh.
Ex. 3: Two weeks ago, while visiting Pittsburgh, Alaina Francis died.

If Francis’s death was what you want to emphasize, the third example makes the point best. If the timing of the death is what’s most important, then the first example best makes your point. But if there’s a dispute over the place of death, go for the second example.

Attention to such details will raise your prose to a new level.

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