Here are Our 28th Annual Writing Contest Winners!

Book-Length Fiction

1 Little Tales of Larceny by Tami Reed/Helene Dawson
2 Immortal by Jerry Winkler @
3 The Artefact by Leonard Pellman @
4 Mama’s Girl by June Faver

Short Stories

1 The Brothers by David Galewsky
2 Uncle Robert by David Kennedy
3 The Burmese Buddha by Ken Bennight @
4 Death of a God by Jonathan Fletcher


1 Shackleton’s Room by Bruce Luyendyk @ and
2 Shopping at Target While Muslim by Margaret Johnson @
3 Then and Now by Carrye Franzel
4 An Unlikely Match by Lou Anne Welford


1 Golconda by Neysa King @
2 A Fixer’s Gift by Sheri Anderson (tied for second)
2 A Smear of Red by James Trask (tied for second)
4 The Preacher and the Paperboy by Nick Sweet