Our Monthly Meeting – July 5, 2018

Writing Healthy in the Disabling Environment

Pain is not normal when you write (unless you’re writing about your pain!)

When we think of work-related disabilities, we imagine loggers, iron workers, mechanics. But repetitive strain injuries (RSI) have been around since monks acquired writer’s cramp while copying the Bible by hand.

Computers have reduced much work to sitting, typing and watching a screen, a setting in which RSIs proliferate. Yet RSIs are 100% preventable if we identify and adjust our work practices. Such adjustment includes ergonomics: adapting writing to our bodies’ needs instead of the other way around.

This subject is especially appropriate this month: July is Disability Awareness Month; and the Americans with Disabilities Act was signed July 26, 1990.

Cathy Marston has a doctorate in mass communication from the University of Iowa specializing in disability studies, news workers, and feminist theory and ethnography. She is a director and lecturer with Free Battered Texas Women since 2005. See more about Cathy here.

Cathy will welcome all of our questions. Attendees are encouraged to chat with each other before and after the program.

7PM, St Andrew’s Methodist Church, 722 Robinhood Place, San Antonio, TX, 78209



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San Antonio Writers' Guild hosts writing critique sessions most Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Members sign up to read their work, and attendees discuss plot, pacing, dialogue, and general writing craft. Visitors are welcome, as are all genres - fiction writing and non-fiction/poetry.

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Monthly Meetings

On the first Thursday of each month, SAWG holds a general meeting at 7:00 p.m. located at St. Andrews United Methodist Church, 722 Robinhood Pl., San Antonio, TX. A typical agenda includes welcoming new members and visitors, sharing good and bad news, notification of upcoming events, Guild business, and a program – most often a professional writer speaking on topics of interest to the group.

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